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AIMMS and ORTEC have been partners for over 20 years, helping companies in the chemical industry benefit from applied mathematics and optimization. 

Chemical Industry

How advanced is your company in Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)?


Assess the maturity of your process

The importance of a well-executed S&OP process cannot be understated. How mature is your process and how can it improve? AIMMS and ORTEC have teamed up to help you answer these questions with a new and straightforward assessment. 

Completion time: 5 minutes or less.

The benefits of S&OP

We have seen companies get numerous benefits from a well-executed S&OP process.

10 to 40% improvement in on-time deliveries

ROI within 6 to 24 months

Plant efficiency improvements of up to 33%

Transport costs reduced by up to 30%

Inventory levels decrease by up to 70%

Plant downtime reduced by 20 to 50%

What are the common planning hurdles companies face in your industry?

Many chemical companies have grown using a strategy of mergers and acquisitions. But even without a history of M&A, chemical companies often struggle to get alignment across planning teams from different regions and business units. This often results in lack of data consistency and poorly aligned decision-making. Do these challenges sound familiar? Read our blog for insights.


Brian Dooley - S&OP and demand-driven expert

Geerhard de Vries - VP Global Business Consulting

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