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  • Deliver best in class service levels within your peer group
  • Focus the best service levels around your tier 1 customers
  • Optimize customer service opportunities and impact when choosing between dedicated or multi-DC fulfillment 
  • Better orchestrate multi-channel fulfilment
  • Investigate the use of parcel delivery to reduce customer lead times

Optimize service levels

to help your business grow

Minimize costs

to maximize margin

  • Minimize physical network costs while meeting all service requirements
  • Select between DC and X-Dock options to better leverage your assets
  • Extend the life of existing networks by focusing scarce resources on your most valuable customers
  • Deliver promised cost efficiencies when undertaking M&A 

Expose risks

  • Deliver the most resilient network to meet a variety of demand scenarios
  • Run scenarios to understand the impact of  major disruptions
  • Test strategies to mitigate major disruptions
  • Use optimization to develop the most resilient network while minimizing additional resilience costs

to manage uncertainty and optimize recovery

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How AIMMS Network Design Helps You

Look at drivers, impact and scenarios in a "what-if" environment. Analyze scenario results:

  • Cost to Serve Report
  • DC Capacity Report
  • Supplier Report
  • Service Level Report
  • Cost Summary + Drill Down
  • Export to CSV
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